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Hi this is Vishy Dadsetan your host for Essence in Fitness video series.

The main reason for these videos is to show you a process to be happy by getting to the core of the problems of that been bothering you for a long time and solving them.

In this videos I’ll show you three main reasons for lack of success and the five elements that can help you reach success.

To solve persistent problems, problems that keep bothering you for a long time, you can’t have a single solution you need the process with many parts. The main reason that the single solution’s won’t work is a dynamic nature of persistent problems which change everyday day to day, minute by minute.

A part of successful process is to start at the beginning and that is where we start.

A long time ago a traveler entered an inn just outside of a town sipping the drink he ordered, he asked the innkeeper, “What kind of people lived in the town ahead.”

The innkeeper replied, “What kind of people lived in the town you came from?”

The traveler smiled and responded, “They were happy, kind and generous.”

The old innkeeper replied, “You’re in luck, the people in the next town are also happy, kind and generous.”

This traveler finished his drink and left with a big smile.

A few minutes later another traveler entered the inn. Sipping the drink you ordered he asked the innkeeper, “What kind of people lived in a town that was the head?”

Innkeeper asked, “What kind of people lived in the town that you came from?”

The traveler thought about it, frowned, and responded, “They were angry, cruel, and stingy.”

The old innkeeper shook his head and said, “I’m sorry to tell you this but the people in the next own are also angry cruel and stingy.”

This traveler left with a deep frown.

The essence of every experience is you, your self-image, your thoughts your feelings and actions in that order.

There are three basic reasons for lack of success. I’ll go over them briefly in this video and describe them in in detail later.

  1. The first reason for lack of success is disregarding or acting against your spirituality, your thoughts and your feelings. This process rarely produces change, especially the type of change that should last a long time, a lifetime.  Your spiritual beliefs, thoughts and feelings remain at the core of your actions and your results you can’t really go against them for a long time. You need a process that considers all these elements.
  2. The second reason for lack of success is disregarding focused action. Most individuals are involved in random activities that take a lot of energy but because they’re random they don’t produce any results.
  3. The third reason for lack of success is a plan the disregards the balance of what goes on inside you and what is outside the you.

Many people say that they don’t have any plans. This is not true at all. Everyone has a plan, even if their plan is to let somebody else plan for them the main reason is the imbalance in the planning process.

To leave the past behind, to have a new experience, you need to unlock the wisdom in your heart, organize the knowledge in your mind and follow through with specific sequence of effective actions. And you need to learn a process that balances your internal and external energies. The single element that connects all this together is your awareness.

Essence in Fitness is a process that provides five things.

  1. First is to help you  expand your awareness to recognize what is so often so close to you.
  2. Second, to unlock the wisdom of your heart, to express what you always known to be true, to experience internal validation.
  3. Third, organize and knowledge in your mind to solve problems.
  4. Fourth to take specific effective actions actions that improve your self – reliance and self-confidence actions the produce results.
  5. Fifth and final balance your internal and external energies. A balance that’s dynamic, that can withstand all that life throws at you.

I have a question for you,  ”what kind of a town do you wish to live in?”

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